Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lost in Manhattan

A few years ago I worked in a used car sales office with a guy who used to be a truck driver, who told me this story:

Big truckOne day he was making a delivery in downtown Manhattan and got lost after turning onto one of those narrow one-way streets where he couldn't turn around or even see to back up to a nice wide avenue. About that time one of New York's finest came riding up on a horse, looked into the truck cab and yelled at him with an Irish accent, "Hey, where'd you learn to drive?"

My friend looked back at the mounted policeman and replied in a semi-controlled snarl, "I learned to drive in a lot bigger place than this!"

The cop looked up at all the skyscrapers towering over their heads and asked, "Huh? What could be bigger than this place?"

The truck driver relied, "The COUNTRY!"

-- Dalton Hammond

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