Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Eagles Live...Finally

The first time The Eagles came to this part of the country in 1980, everybody else at the radio station went to the concert but me, while -- as The New Kid In Town -- I stayed on the air and played Eagles music and cried. After that concert they swore they'd get back together again When Hell Freezes Over. Sorry, I Can't Tell You Why.

EagleHell stayed frozen until 1994 and I got tickets this time, but they caught the flu and cancelled the show. When they came back to town the next year the makeup show tickets were Already Gone before I heard about it. I decided that In The Long Run God didn't want me to see The Eagles or something and I elected to just Take It Easy.

That was until a few months ago when I learned that they were once again going to perform here In The City. With charge card in hand, your humble reporter was ready to Take It To The Limit and I bought two tickets online for only $ lots of additional fees, about two minutes after they went on sale, which gave me a Peaceful, Easy Feeling. My New Kid In Town was disappointed we weren't going to see Ludacris but the Eagles would have been her choice of favorite white bands if she could have remembered their name. As it turned out she was Wasted Time since she got tied up and couldn't go, so as a Desperado I invited a music afficionado friend instead.

The concert was last night and I enjoyed it more than any I've ever attended, and I hope to do it again One Of These Nights.

Life's Been Good To Me. -- Dalton Hammond

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