Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Love Beach Music

Beach Music fans seem to have more fun. The Embers song "I Love Beach Music" is said to be the largest-selling Beach Music song of all time, and it certainly does characterize the phenomenon that we call Beach Music.

Beach Music is The Temptations, Jackie Wilson, The Embers, The Four Tops, the worldwide syndicated radio show "On the Beach With Charlie Brown" (a co-worker of mine at WKIX in the '60s), Marvin Gaye, Craig Woolard, The Holiday Band and much more. It is the songs we grew up to and enjoyed on those wonderful vacations at the beach, away from our parents.

I took my girl friend (who is a bit younger) to see Band of Oz at the Outer Banks last year. When she saw the dance floor she said to me in amazement "I can't believe all these people are out there dancing (the Shag) -- with each other!" She never saw them do that at rap concerts I guess. She told me it was the most fun she ever had. I could only modestly tell her "That's what I'm here for, Sweet Thing."

This photo was taken at a free outdoor concert at Ocean View last summer which featured music by The Catalinas, another band from the Carolinas which has been playing around in clubs for decades. To catch this colorful couple dancing under the flag was a photo opportunity that would have thrilled any photographer.

Listen to my friend Charlie Brown's program on the 'net and see what you think. You might even hear my voice on a couple of recorded liners. All your other friends will be there too. -- D.H.

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