Friday, February 25, 2005

Windows Magnifier Tool

You didn't know that Windows has a Magnifying Tool? Well, it's hidden somewhat so here's a way to make this utility a lot easier to use.

Windows Magnifiying ToolGo to Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility and left click on Magnifier, then click on Properties. Place your mouse cursor on the Shortcut Key box, hold down Control and Alt and an unused shortcut letter of your choice, such as "M" for "magnifier". Click "Apply" and close the Properties box.

Now when you see something on your computer monitor that you'd like to enlarge, press Ctrl+Alt+M (or the letter you have chosen) and the Magnifying Tool will pop into view and magnify whatever you put your cursor on, or whatever you have selected, depending on your choices in the options box.

The Magnifier window can be moved or resized and once you're happy with your configuration you'll want to check the "Start Minimized" option to keep the Options box out of your way.

The older your eyes get, the more you'll appreciate this tool. I know.

-- Dalton Hammond
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