Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Snake and My Date

That famous threesome in The Garden of Eden -- Adam, Eve, and the Snake (serpent) -- really messed up didn't they? Remember what God told the snake?

Genesis 3:15 -- "I will put enmity between you and the woman..."

I always think about that provision of The Adamic Covenant as I recall this story. -- D.H.

Back in the early '60s I was the radio disc jockey for the nightly request program from a local drive-in restaurant. The car hops would take your food order and you could give him or her your written requests for songs and dedications which were sent up to me in the broadcast booth. It was a local favorite hangout and fans came from miles around, making it a great place to meet girls.

One night a particularly interesting girl expressed an interest in meeting me after I got off the air so off we went in search of adventure. We ended up at a well-isolated parking lot in a remote part of the suburbs where we wouldn't be bothered.

SnakeAfter enjoying the solitude, the music on the radio, and each other for a couple of hours it was time to go. My friend stepped outside the car to straighten up a bit and in a moment I heard an unusual commotion coming from her direction. When she got back inside she saw the quizzical look on my face and explained that she had seen a snake on the parking lot but that I shouldn't worry; she had stomped it to death.

God's Dispensation to Adam and Eve ringing in my ears, I opened the car door and went outside to see what this brave woman was talking about. There on the fresh pavement, looking very dead in the moonlight, was her belt!

-- Dalton Hammond

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