Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Craig Woolard / Jackie Gore Reunion


This was better than a Beatles reunion.

In this exclusive photo news scoop from the 2004 Carolina Beach Music Awards presentation in the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, former Embers lead singer Jackie Gore stuns CAMMY Awards co-host former Embers lead singer Craig Woolard and the entire world of Beach Music by walking on stage unannounced and joining him in the song "I Love Beach Music" and, believe it or not, the encore, "Faraway Places."

Woolard later joked to the audience, "When I first saw him come up I didn't know if I needed to put on a football helmet or something."

Heavy stuff.

Photo is copyright 2004 by Robert D. Jones and may be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.

-- Dalton Hammond

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