Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dalton Hammond on the LPGA Tour

My friend Mark talked me into going with him to the MIchelob Ultra LPGA golf tournament this afternoon in Williamsburg, VA, although at first I didn't want to go.

I tried every excuse I could think of: "It might rain." "I don't want to do all that walking." "It'll be too crowded", et cetera.

When I voiced my best excuse, "I don't want to spend the money for a ticket" he told me "Don't worry, every time I go to one of these things a stranger on the shuttle bus always comes up with some free tickets for us."

"Fat chance", I thought. But it turned out to be a pleasantly cool, sunny afternoon and since I really had nothing better to do I agreed to go.

The shuttle bus from the parking lot was pulling up to the ticket gate and Mark hadn't said a word, so I decided to speak up. In a voice that could be heard all over the bus I asked him, "Now where do we go to buy our tickets?"

Just then a fellow sitting across the aisle from us leaned over and said "You guys need to BUY your tickets? I've got a couple of spares, take these", and handed me two complimentary gate passes.

"Unbelievable", I thought. Mark just smiled.

I had a great time, the girl-watching was superb, and we got to see Annika and all the stars of the LPGA do their thing on the newly renovated Kingsmill River Course under beautiful Spring skies.

The moral of this story: "Even a turtle gets nowhere until he sticks his neck out."

-- A tired but happy Dalton Hammond

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