Saturday, October 30, 2004

Playing For Keeps

Years ago Mom told me all about sin;
How I'd go to Hell for the marbles I'd win.
Still in my thoughts her sermon still creeps:
She told me my sin was playing for keeps.

I bought a nice business, my income did soar
But pecunious lenders demanded much more
And soon I went under, my heartbeat still leaps
When I think what they told me: "We're playing for keeps."

So I found me a lover; I thought she'd be true
But I'd no idea what she'd put me through.
She said "In this life we plants and we reaps"
"I'm taking the house 'cause I'm playing for keeps."

My days here are numbered, I'm flat on the ground,
The clouds now are parting, the Lord's looking down.
"Spare me my Lord, I'm the lowliest of sheeps."
"Not this time" He answers, "I'm playing for keeps."

-- (c) 2004, Dalton Hammond

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