Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Love Beach Music, Part II

The Embers at Virginia Beach

Beach music is a musical genre all to itself, having evolved from a Southern mix of rhythm and blues, doo-wop, boogie woogie, and early rock 'n' roll. It is usually characterized by a light, 4/4 "shag" dance beat.

Recording artists of the 50s and 60s such as The Drifters, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, The Embers, The Temptations, Clifford Curry, Band of Oz, The Tams, The OKaysions, The Platters, Billy Scott, General Johnson and The Showmen, Little Wille John, Bill Deal and the Rhondells and others contributed to the early development of the unique "Beach Music" sound, and disc jockeys of the same period such as "Fessa" John Hook who literally wrote "The Book" on Beach Music, Charlie Brown, and Charlie "Bird" Carawan were essential in the early promotion and popularity of "Carolina Beach Music" as it is sometimes called.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has become the undisputed Mecca for Beach Music and hosts The Carolina Beach Music Association's annual Cammy Beach Music awards each November.

A Yahoo! Beach Music group has recently been created (sorry, Google!) and you're invited to check it out.

The purpose of this forum is to promote Beach Music and to provide an exchange of information about artists, venues, and upcoming events relating to Beach Music.

You are cordially invited to join us.

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