Friday, April 08, 2005

Skin Cancer Checkup

At my annual skin cancer checkup today I learned that my skin doctor studied at the University of Illinois and worked at their campus radio station. Is this what Einstein called "Spukhafte Fernwirkungen"?

Skin cancerAfter I informed him that I was a Carolina guy of sorts and once worked at the U.N.C. campus station, we avoided the topic of the recent NCAA basketball championship, and he proceeded to find and remove three new basal cell carcinomas; one from my back and two from my left ear. That makes three that have been found on that ear so far and a total of nearly two dozen pre-cancerous tumors which have come off my skin and bowels in the last ten years. All have been benign, so far, like my humor.

Get those checkups friends.

-- Dalton Hammond

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