Thursday, April 14, 2005

Forwarded Emails

First, here's the link to a great article about forwarded emails.

Now, I'm going to quote from the article, but you should hit the above link and read his essay for yourself.

Then send it to everyone you know. -- D.H.

One of the great mysteries of life is why people think they're ever, EVER, making anyone happy by forwarding garbage emails... and virtually ALL sorts of emails that get mass-forwarded ARE garbage.

People get terribly offended when I say that; their usual retort is, "But, it's a way to show people I care, and that I want to keep in touch." First off, you do NOT show "caring" by sending out what is essentially spam to people, and secondly, it is NOT "keeping in touch" to pass someone else's email along. If you truly want to keep in touch with people, invest 30 more seconds and type "Hi, how have you been?" and send THAT instead (using BCC so they don't realize you've sent it to everyone), and if you actually CARE, write a real email, detailing what's going on in your life, and asking about theirs... and then send it to the 500 people you're convinced you care about.

For every category of garbage email, there's an excuse for sending it.

Well stated. -- Dalton Hammond

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