Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mystery Bird

UPDATE 31Jan05 : ANSWERED PRAYER! The bird has been returned to its owners. - D.H.

UPDATE 16Jan05 : It is an African Senegal Parrot. See comments below. -- D.H.

Today while walking my dog in my own driveway a nearby ilex bush started talking to me.

A moment later this pretty bird flew out looking very lost, and he/she/it is now living it up in my greenhouse-turned-aviary while I try to locate the owner. The bird's green, yellow, and orange nicely match my overwintering hibiscus in this shot. Happily, my new studio model is not camera shy.

But what kind of bird is it? I think it is a conure but the head looks too dark. 'Preciate any help. -- Dalton Hammond