Monday, February 01, 2010

Tiger Woods Won't Be Back

Tiger won't be coming back.

You can bet on it. Tiger Woods isn't coming back. He wouldn't be the first to withdraw completely from public view. Think of Howard Hughes or J.D. Salinger.

He has nothing to return to but humiliation and jeers. Certainly neither Tiger nor his bride have any interest in getting back together, so that's out. He doesn't need the money, and his career train is so completely derailed that his dream of breaking Jack Nicklaus' record in the majors hasn't got a chance of coming true.

Besides, he now has the one thing he has desired since his golf shoes first pranced on public stage: PRIVACY! He's now free to be himself -- whoever Tiger Woods really is -- and enjoy himself, and his girl friends or boy friends, whoever, outside of public view.

In all his life, with all his money, he's never had his freedom before.

Tiger won't be back.

-- Dalton Hammond