Thursday, August 30, 2007

Laughter Yoga is a Laugh!

I received this today from a high school classmate and wish I'd come up with the idea.
...Now (she) has got me interested in Laugh Yoga! Another of her activities, that spring chicken is always trying out new things. This Laugh Yoga starts out faking laughter and then all of a sudden it becomes real. I have both my local Community Center and our local Newspaper looking into this here in NYC.

You see, laughter expels the bad air from your lungs and replaces it with fresh air! In years past, I am told, people used to laugh at least 20 minutes a day; now, sadly, they are only laughing 5 minutes a day on average. I am practicing laughing; it is not hard. I also try to be funny all the time in order to make people laugh!!

Here's a link to a video about Laughter Yoga. -- Dalton Hammond