Sunday, January 22, 2006

Joke Recognition Software

For the benefit of my friends...I DO have friends [GIGGLE] who are unable to discern whether something is funny or not without a laugh track to help them [THROATS CLEARING, POLITE TITTER], Dalton Hammond is pleased to announce my new concept in blog joke structure. I call it "Fake 'Em If They Can't Tell if it's a Joke" [GUFFAWS].

The absolute latest innovation in Joke Recognition Software [LAUGH] which will be instantly recognizable to TV addicts worldwide, no one will ever have to wonder again if the joke they just read was funny or not [CHUCKLES] since the proper responses are already indicated. [SCATTERED VOCAL SMIRKS]

Think of it. Can you imagine Seinfeld without a laugh track [NERVOUS COUGHS], or watching TV news or even newspaper news without knowing when to laugh? [BODIES IMPATIENTLY SHIFTING WEIGHT IN SEATS].

There's a lot more I could tell you [VERY NERVOUS MURMURS] but my time is up. [TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATIVE APPLAUSE].

Thank you all very much.
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(c) 2006, Dalton Hammond [TITTER]

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