Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Honey

Hi folks. It has been a while since I attempted any poetry. But motivation and Divine inspiration came a few minutes ago when I realized that today is the birthday of my long-lost daughter who surfaced a few months ago after many, many years. We have been thrilled to find each other and we hope a person-to-person reunion is imminent.

The mood of the poem certainly reflects my present attitude and peace of mind. I think I like it better than any verse I've ever done. If you like it too, feel free to use it for whatever personal reasons you see fit. It is otherwise (c) 2005 by Dalton Hammond.

The Lord is faithful, just and true,
His Goodness to impart,
And if I had to make a wish
I'd not know where to start.

My cup so full, my life complete
I thought the Lord was through.
But just when I was out of dreams
He smiled and sent me You.

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